World Cup 2015: Angry Virat Kohli Abuses Journalist at Training

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India’s vice-captain Virat Kohli today suddenly lost his cool after the training session as he hurled abuses at a journalist.

This happened all of a sudden when Virat Kohli was done with his training and was returning to the dressing room. Kohli saw a scribe of a national daily in front of him and started hurling abuses at him.

Virat Kohli started using filthiest of language and it went on for some time. All his teammates and other journalists were shocked as no one had any idea why Virat Kohli was abusing that particular journalist.

The particular journalist also seemed clueless but once Kohli cooled down, he told someone about an article that had appeared about him and his girlfriend Anushka Sharma in a national daily and he thought that it was that particular journalist, who had written the story.

But later, when Kohli was told that he has mistaken this particular reporter as someone else, he called one of the journalists and through him apologised for the incident. Virat Kohli’s bad behaviour with a journalist will now lead to massive media coverage agaisnt him.

According to reliable sources, Team Director Ravi Shastri has personally spoken to Virat Kohli and advised him to keep his cool as it is unbecoming of a future India captain to behave in this manner publicly.