World Cup 2015, India vs Pakistan: AOSMA has chalked out an 85-point “code of conduct”

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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will host India vs Pakistan, one of the most watched cricket battles in the history, only on its second day. This match is expected to break all the viewership records of the past. Although, India vs Pakistan is always a big money making opportunity for the organizers, cricket’s biggest rivalry also brings with it a headache for the organisers as emotions threaten to take over both on the field and in the stands.

Keeping in mind the ongoing political problems between the arch rivals, the Adelaide Oval has planned well to avoid any tension in the stadium during the epic clash.

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, the Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority (AOSMA) has penned down a 85-point “code of conduct” for the spectators who will watch the match on February 15.

According to the report, AOSMA and the ICC have issued a notice that no religious slogans, banners or political messages will be entertained in the stadium. AOSMA and the ICC have issued strict warnings against anything that can instigate spectators from the two countries that remain estranged neighbours.

The authorities have taken these decisions keeping in mind the kind of heated atmosphere that was created during a hockey match between India vs Pakistan during the recently concluded FIH Champions Trophy in Bhubaneswar.

Some of the Pakistan players took off their shirts and made obscene gestures towards the crowd and media after beating India in the semi-final.

This led to a lot of tension in the stadium and the crowd started reacting aggressively. The authorities intervened at the right time and Pakistan’s coach called his boys back and reprimanded them.

Some of the other noteworthy guidelines, according to Hindustan Times, are as follows:

1. “24-hour closed-circuit television surveillance operates throughout the Oval”.

2. AOSMA has advised people to not give any material, which hurts the political or religious sentiments of any group, without prior authorisation.

3. AOSMA reserves the rights to close entry to the ground irrespective of whether all ticket holders have made their way in or not.

4. An e-mail address and a phone number for sending an SMS alert to security staff have also been rolled out.


By The Cricket Lounge