“You Have Left Headache Behind” Ravi Ashwin Writes For Virat Kohli On Twitter

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India’s veteran cricketer Ravi Ashwin took to Twitter and shared a heartfelt post, acknowledging Virat Kohli’s stint as India’s Test captain. Virat Kohli, who replaced MS Dhoni as India’s skipper in 2014/2015, ended his captaincy career of 7 years as he stepped down from the position of captain of the Indian cricket team with immediate effect.

In the last seven years, under the leadership of Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team has become a mighty force, especially when it comes to the longest format of the game. And Ravi Ashwin has been one of the players who witnessed this transition of leadership.

On Sunday, Ravi Ashwin took to Twitter and shared a series of Tweets, where he hailed Kohli’s greatness as a captain that changed the face and fate of the Indian cricket team, over the years. He wrote:

Cricket captains will always be spoken about with respect to their records and the kind of triumphs they managed, but your legacy as a captain will stand for the kind of benchmarks you have set. There will be people who will talk about wins in Australia, England , Sl etc etc”

He also talked about his takeaway from Virat’s captaincy career. He applauded Virat for creating such an environment from where the Indian side will only move further and higher. He wrote:

Wins are just a result and the seeds are always sown well before the harvest! The seeds you managed to sow is the kind of standard you set for yourself and hence set the expectations straight with the rest of us. Well done @imVkohli on the headache you

have left behind for your successor and that’s my biggest takeaway from your stint as captain. “We must leave a place at such an altitude that the future can only take it higher from there on “ #Virat #CricketTwitter”

Here, check out the Tweets:

Earlier, on Saturday, Virat Kohli had announced his decision to step down from the position of Test captain. He took to Twitter and confirmed the development through a social media post. Here, check out the Tweet:

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