Yuvraj Singh And Virender Sehwag Appealed Delhiites To Maintain Peace

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All that has been happening in the capital over the past couple of weeks is a matter of grave concern. It is truly heartbreaking how Delhi is burning in the clash between pro and anti-CAA protesters. The situation has become curfew likes, with over 20 people already losing their lives.

Over the past couple of days, gunshots, stone-pelting, vandalism, have all been taken place in North East Delhi, with the death toll rising every passing hour. From burning vehicles to mobs breaking into the shops and vandalizing them, the scenes coming out from the area are devastating as the Delhi Police continue to try and curb the situation.
Meanwhile on social media prominent people from the country are urging people to maintain calm and peace. Famous Indian cricketing personalities like Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Rohit Sharma, have also taken to their Twitter and have asked people to maintain peace.
Virender Sehwag wrote how any harm to anyone is a blog on Delhi. He wrote:
What is happening in Delhi is unfortunate. My request to all of you is to keep calm and peace in Delhi. Any injury or harm to anyone is a blot on the capital of this great country. I wish peace and sanity to one and all.”
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World Cup-winning hero Yuvraj Singh also took to his Twitter and admitted of being heartbroken with the ongoing situation. He wrote:
What’s going on in Delhi is heart breaking, requesting everyone to please maintain peace and harmony. Hoping the authorities will take corrective measures to curb the situations. End of the day we are all humans, we need to love and respect each other #DelhiBurning”
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Rohit Sharma also hoped for the situation to get neutralized soon. He wrote:
Not such a great sight in Delhi. Hope everything neutralises soon.”
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Harbhajan Singh also came up with a tweet asking people to not each other. He wrote:
“Apne hi apno ko kyu mar rahe hai ??? Requesting everyone to plz not hurt each other’s
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