Yuvraj Singh Revealed Dhoni’s Reaction After Watching Him Hit 6 Sixes In An Over

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Former Indian cricketer and World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh has played many memorable knocks for team India. However, Yuvraj hitting 6 sixes in an over off England’s Stuart Broad will go down as one of the most thrilling knocks in the history of T20I cricket.

It has been almost 14 years since Yuvraj Singh smashed England’s Stuart Board for six sixes in an over in Durban, however, the memories of that knock are still afresh in everyone’s minds. MS Dhoni was standing at the non-strikers end when Yuvraj Singh became the first and the only batsman to hit 6 sixes in an over in T20I cricket.

Recently, talking to Gaurav Kapur in the ’22 Yarns’ podcast, Yuvraj Singh talked about his iconic knock and also revealed how captain Dhoni felt standing at the non-striker’s end when he smashed 6 sixes in an over. Yuvraj revealed:

“I think MS was very happy. If you’re the captain and the other guy is just hitting six after six, you’re just happy that the score is increasing and it was a must-win game,” 

Besides hitting 6 sixes in an over, Yuvraj Singh also registered the fastest T20I fifty off just 12 balls in that match, helping team India stay alive in the mega-tournament, which they eventually won by defeating Pakistan in the finals.

The stunning cricketer further revealed his banter with Flintoff during the match. HE revealed:

“I remember I hit two good boundaries off Flintoff which he obviously didn’t like. He said something to me and I said something back. It was quite a serious fight at that time. The umpires also came in. I just felt like I wanted to hit every ball out of the park,”

Yuvraj Singh Revealed Dhoni’s Reaction After Watching Him Hit 6 Sixes In An Over

Furthermore, Yuvraj, who played another memorable knock during the semi-final against Australia explained how he prepared himself for the fuller-length deliveries. He said:

“Luckily, the first ball I hit (off Broad) went out of the park. The second ball I hit, went into the crowd. The third ball I hit over point, where I hadn’t even hit a boundary in my career. Collingwood came and told Broad to keep bowling yorkers to me outside off-stump because the off-side was big.

He added:

“But Broad thought of bowling into my legs. So when he decided to do that, I knew he was in trouble. The fifth ball hit the toe of my bat, it was a small boundary that went over Flintoff. Sixth ball I knew he has to bowl a yorker. So I was ready to hit it straight and it was in my arc,” said Yuvraj.

“My first look was to Flintoff, giving him a cheeky smile. My second look was to Dimitri Mascarenhas sort of telling him that the scores are settled and then obviously I did a fist pump with Dhoni. It actually didn’t register to me that I had hit six sixes. For me, it was all about settling the scores with England.”