Zaheer Khan Slams Authorities For Not Covering The Pitch Properly

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Zaheer Khan Slams Authorities For Not Covering The Pitch Properly: The first T20I between India and Sri Lanka was called off due to wet patches on the pitch after it rained in Guwahati. Indian cricket fans expressed disappointment over this social media and called it a mistake on the part of the authorities. It was a packed house in Guwahati as fans were very excited about the opening game of the three-match T20I series between India and Sri Lanka.

Zaheer Khan Slams Authorities For Not Covering The Pitch Properly

The rain gods made their presence felt initially but it wasn’t for too long and the moment covers were taken off, fans at the stadium and all those watching on their television screens were hoping for a good T20 contest. However, it wasn’t to be as the damp patches on the pitch were too wet and the on-field umpires took the decision of calling the game off as the playing conditions were not up to the ICC standards.

When the covers were taken off from the pitch, all the players, pundits and fans were shocked to see the number of big, wet patches. Former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan, who appears on Cricbuzz, made a very valid point and slammed the authorities for their negligence.

Zaheer Khan said that if water seeps on the pitch, it changes the whole dynamics of the game and with all the resources available these days, water shouldn’t have leaked onto the pitch.

Zaheer Khan Slams Authorities For Not Covering The Pitch Properly

“When there is water on the wicket that really changes the dynamics of the game. Everyone was shocked because the rain stopped and in today’s day and age this is the last thing on your mind that water has gone on the wicket through the covers. Bit disappointing but we don’t know the exact story. Maybe the pitch wasn’t covered properly because to hear a cover not being taken properly is something which is unheard of,” Zaheer Khan said while appearing on a shown on Cricbuzz.

Former Indian cricketer and well-known Hindi commentator also expressed his disappointment.

“The outfield is bone-dry so I’d say it’s a schoolboy error that the water has seeped onto the pitch. Perhaps there are a few holes in the covers. It’s really disappointing preparation for an international game,” Akash Chopra said.

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