4 Funniest Things Done By Pakistani Cricketers On The Field

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Pakistan Cricket Team is perhaps the most unpredictable team on this planet. The 1992 World Cup winners have set new levels of inconsistency through their game. Their 2019 World Cup campaign itself solidifies the claim mentioned above. Pakistan defeated the tournament winners England and runners-up New Zealand in the competition.

However, West Indies squashed them in the first round. Also, Afghanistan nearly defeated them. Both Afghanistan and West Indies could not even finish in the upper half of the table.

The Men in Green are not only the most unpredictable unit, but they are also one of the funniest teams. Over the years, Pakistan cricketers have produced ample of funny moments, and here’s a look at the top 4 of those incidents.

Javed Miandad mocks Kiran More in the 1992 World Cup 

1992 was a magical year for Pakistan cricket. The Asian team became only the second from the subcontinent to win a Cricket World Cup. However, they could not defeat arch-rivals in that competition. During their high voltage clash, Pakistan’s star batsman Javed Miandad mocked Kiran More by jumping on the ground hilariously.

Inzamam-ul-Haq falls on the stumps

Inzamam-ul-Haq reversed the trends and succeeded in the cricket field although he was not so fit. Inzy, however, sometimes struggled to maintain his balance, and during one of the matches, he lost his wicket after he fell on the stumps.

Run out against Australia


This situation often transpires in Pakistan cricket, but here is the video of the funniest ever run out where both Pakistani batsmen were busy discussing something important in the middle.

Hasan Ali gets injured while celebrating

Hasan Ali has been one of the most controversial cricketers in recent memory. The Pakistani quick had stated that he wanted to dismiss all 10 Indian batsmen in Asia Cup. However, he could not even dismiss one of them. During one of the games, he injured himself while celebrating much to the amusement of everyone.