5 Highest Individual Scores By Indian Batsmen On ODI Debut

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First impressions last. We have heard this time and again. It proves especially true when you represent more than a billion people on the international stage in your first game. In this post, we have compiled the 5 highest scores by an Indian in their ODI debut. The rankings are done according to the score. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Manish Pandey – 71

Manish Pandey has been in and out of the Indian team for a while now. The explosive batsman has made his mark in all formats of the game. He burst onto the ODI scene with a bang, scoring a valuable 71 runs. Here’s hoping that the talented batsman gets his due and has a great international career.

Navjot Singh Sidhu – 73

5 Highest Individual Scores By Indian Batsmen On ODI Debut

Currently known for his ‘shers’ and political activities, Navjot Singh Sidhu was a swashbuckling batsman for India. He had an explosive style of batting and gained recognition as one of the great batsmen of his era. Sidhu scored a patient 73 on his debut, announcing his arrival as one of the future greats of the game. Sidhu now does occasional commentary for various TV channels.

Brijesh Patel – 82

5 Highest Individual Scores By Indian Batsmen On ODI Debut

Brijesh Patel is mostly an unknown name among modern fans of the game. However, his potential shouldn’t be overlooked. He is the only cricketer to have never gotten out for a duck. Patel had an excellent First-Class career and held numerous batting records. He played for the country between 1974-1979. In his debut ODI match, he made a sterling 82 to give a huge boost to his team. His career came to an end after a suspect action against pace.

Robin Uthappa – 86

5 Highest Individual Scores By Indian Batsmen On ODI Debut

Robin Uthappa was one of the most destructive batsmen India had ever seen. He was a perfect finisher, and also bailed India out of numerous sticky situations. Uthappa made his mark an excellent wicket-keeper too. In his ODI debut, he made a strong 86 runs and impressed the coaches and critics. He has since then had a fruitful career in the IPL as well.

KL Rahul- 100*

KL Rahul has more or less cemented his place in the current Indian team. He has shown a chameleon-like ability to adapt to any position. He performed when he was an opener, and also did extremely well when he was put into the middle order.

Rahul made a confident unbeaten century on his debut and announced to the world his arrival. If his current form is anything to go by, KL Rahul looks set to be a permanent fixture in the Indian team for the near future.