7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers

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Indian cricketers have been known to have some crazy nicknames over the years. Starting with the Little Master Sunil Gavaskar and the Haryana Hurricane Kapil Dev. There have been many players who have given monikers over the years.

Here are alternate nicknames for our favourite Indian players:

Sachin Tendulkar (Marathon Man)

Though Sachin was known as the Master Blaster or the Little Master during his playing days, nobody appreciates the fact that he had such a long and stellar career in international cricket. Such numbers are very rare to see and Sachin has played the most number of Test and ODI matches in the history of the game.

Maybe calling him Marathon Man is another way to respect and commend the great man for his achievements to the game.

Virat Kohli (The Prince):

7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers
Image source: facebook.com/viratkohli

Kohli has already cemented his place as one of the modern legends of the game and the best part is that he is still entering his prime. Kohli can be called the prince as he was just anointed the captain and will now have to leave his legacy as a captain.

The Delhi-batsman has big shoes to fill but is looking like he can make the most of what is given to him. Time will tell.

MS Dhoni (The Calculator):

7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers

Dhoni never gives you the impression that he is under any sort of pressure, but only he knows the kind of noise that goes on in his head. Dhoni is always calculating. He can come into the middle to bat at any situation and read it perfectly to play according to the situation.

He was also a fantastic captain of the squad and could change the situation by giving the ball to a bowler no one would expect to be called upon. The Calculator is the perfect name for Dhoni.

Rahul Dravid (The Sensei):

7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers

Dravid always gives one the impression that he loves to teach. At many points in their careers, players have credited Dravid with having taught them right from wrong, not only in cricket but in life too.

He is a great coach who is respected by ex-, current and young players alike. Dravid is the Sensei (Wise One) of Indian cricket.

Saurav Ganguly (The Boss):

7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers

Though Dada roughly translates to the Boss, it sounds even cooler when said in English. Ganguly is undoubtedly the boss of the team. He came in at a time when there was turmoil and made Indian cricket one of the best squads in world cricket.

Ganguly also never minced his words and a lot of former players have credited him with having made them braver and more confident about their abilities. Such greatness in a player can only come once in a lifetime.

Yuvraj Singh (The Fighter): 

7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers

Yuvraj Singh’s battle with cancer is one of the most inspirational stories. The way he battled with cancer throughout the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 and won the man of the match trophy speaks volumes about his fighting. Yuvraj’s ‘never say die’ attitude towards cricket and life is his greatest strength.

Virender Sehwag (Sultan): 

7 Alternate Nicknames For Legendary Indian Cricketers

Virender Sehwag is one of the most fearless and destructive batsmen in cricket history. Throughout his playing career, he terrorised bowlers around the world with his bat and established himself as one of the best openers of all time. We can give many names to Sehwag, but because of his triple century in Multan, he will always be remembered as the Sultan of Indian cricket.

By Rohit Nair