BCCI And Its Inclination Towards Mystery Is Making Lives A Living Hell

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BCCI And Its Inclination Towards Mystery: It is very surprising to see that Indian cricket, which is one of the most formidable forces currently in the roster of the sport, is teetering on the fringes of an implosion. To add to the woes, the chaos isn’t exactly about inexperienced campaigners but three seasoned veterans who have been cricketing icons across the face of the globe.

BCCI And Its Inclination Towards Mystery Is Making Lives A Living Hell

Sourav Ganguly, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are in the midst of a storm that no one thought could have existed. To give you a brief context of the chaos, it all started when Virat Kohli was stripped of the captaincy in ODI cricket without any prior information.

Kohli took his own sweet time and then convened a press meet to announce the exact scenario where he was given a brief heads up about the entire process that unspooled around him.

Indian cricket hasn’t ever been the same since then with fans questioning Sourav Ganguly and slamming BCCI for a display of miscommunication.

It is shocking, to say the least, as one of the most efficient boards of cricket in the world has taken this unwanted path. It is not the decisions that change anything but the lack of communication.

Ever since being elected as the coach of the Indian cricket team, Rahul Dravid has made it a point to bring transparency to affairs and communicate with utmost unambiguity.

In a recent presser, Rohit Sharma emphasized the fact that clear communication is very important to maintain the team’s unity, especially when so many stars of the game are involved.

When Sourav took up the position of the BCCI head, it was expected that things are supposed to run in a better way. However, this captaincy mishap is an ode to the unwanted start of a new era.

BCCI And Its Inclination Towards Mystery Is Making Lives A Living Hell

Given the lack of communication, the media houses have set the social media ablaze with diabolical rumours where the use of a sacred term called ‘reports’ has been used to just draw followers and evoke a vulnerable side of the fans.

Sourav Ganguly, being an eminent visionary of the sport and being the last Indian captain to be sacked should know how it dents one’s mentality and takes an exerting toll on the mindset of a cricketer.

We are all aware of the fact that how Kohli will need some emphatic support to return to the invincible self that he once was. However, with all this mess around, it becomes challenging for a man who has been desperately trying everything to hang in there.

The work of the media outlets is to relay the news to everyone and not being an announcer of the news. Sadly, when they are becoming the bearer of chaos instead of a clear and official communication from the apex board itself, it becomes surprisingly hurtful.

This, however, is just one part of the story. The other part of the story states that Sourav Ganguly, the current BCCI president has not been happy with the developments at all. He had a different story to offer altogether and it was simply overwhelmingly contrasting.

BCCI And Its Inclination Towards Mystery Is Making Lives A Living Hell

According to Ganguly, Kohli was already informed back when he was stepping down from the helm of the affairs in the shortest format of the game that he will have to let go of his ODI captaincy too because they are looking forward to someone be the captain of both the formats.

Now, this is directly opposite to Kohli’s words that he was informed just one and a half-hour ahead of the entire unravelling. Going by the latest case scenario, there are reports of Virat Kohli being showcaused, however, credible sources are yet to corroborate the exact details.

Despite being pleased with Virat Kohli as a player, Sourav Ganguly has definitely not been happy with the latest antics of Virat Kohli. With South Africa on the horizon, India will need all hands on deck if they are to salvage something significant from the Rainbow Nation. The further they fight internally, the bigger the rift, life will get a lot more difficult for the visitors in the land of the lions.

Ganguly, the man who has symbolised integrity throughout his career, it is highly unlikely that he will be walking a different path under circumstances where one of the most renowned cricketers of the Indian cricket team is involved.

BCCI And Its Inclination Towards Mystery Is Making Lives A Living Hell

For the man who was the symbol of grit and determination in the face of the worst calamities, it is quite obvious that he won’t be allowing any kind of incident that will put the inspirations of the team at stake.

All of this mess can be solved without a fuss only if there was enough communication. Now with three amazing people who established India as a dominant force in the roster of world cricket, needs to unite with one of the finest batters in the antiquity of the game to sort this mess and put the team back in its shape as it was supposed to be. Let communication be the fourth and yet the most important member of this quartet.