Bhuvneshwar Kumar Shared How His Wife Hacked His Facebook Account

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Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar is open to the most talented bowlers to have played the game. He is known for giving nightmares to the oppositions, however, he is seemingly shy on the cricketing field. From debuting against Pakistan in ODI in 2012 to struggling with his form, the cricketers have gone through a lot of ups and downs in his journey and short career span.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Shared How His Wife Hacked His Facebook Account
Recently, in an interview, the cricketer got candid and revealed his mischievous side to the world. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who recently returned to the Indian cricket team during the South Africa series, which are now being called off. He was out from the team because if being sidelined by sports hernia last year.
In an interview, Bhuvneshwar Kumar opened up about his career and his personal life as well. It was probably the first time when Bhuvneshwar Kumar openly talked about his personal life. Bhuvneshwar appeared on the chat show with his wife Nupur Nagar.
Bhuvneshwar and Nupur, who tied the knots on November 26, 2017 talked about their relationship in the interview. Revealing how once Nupur had changed his Facebook password, Bhuvneshwar said:
She (Nupur) asked me for the Facebook password but I made some excuses. So the next days she tells me that this is your new password. She literally hacked my account and I have not used Facebook since then”
Bhuvneshwar Kumar Shared How His Wife Hacked His Facebook Account
Nupur also opened up about the jealous factor in between them and expressed how she used to react when Bhuvneshwar clicks pictures with his female fans. She said:
When he clicks picture I keep telling him that what was the need to stand so close to her. Couldn’t you ask her to stand a little far? And then he says what could I do if they stand close to me.”
Nupur also revealed her favorite performance of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. She revealed:
“His debut against Pakistan. I was in hostel then and my friends did not have any idea about me and Bhuvi. So they were also very impressed with his bowling. While watching the match they were saying ‘call that 15-number T-shirt guy for bowling’ and I was happy knowing that he was in demand.”