Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman Trolled Bhuvi And Indian Fans Gave It Back To Him

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Australian cricket journalist Dennis Freedman is one of the most personalities on Twitter and he is known for his controversial remarks against Indian cricketers. Over the years, we have seen him posting many controversial tweets, pictures, and videos against Indian cricketers, especially Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and Gautam Gambhir.

Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman Trolled Bhuvi And Indian Fans Gave It Back To Him

Dennis Freedman is a big fan of Pakistan cricket and he has also made a documentary on Pakistan cricket. On social media, he keeps trying his best to impress Pakistan cricket fans, and for him, insulting Indian cricketers is one of the easiest ways for him.

Recently, Dennis Freedman took a jibe at India’s fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar on his social media profiles. He photoshopped Bhuvi’s picture on former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar and mocked him. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is not the fastest bowler in the world but he has extraordinary skills with the ball and he has achieved great things on the field with the ball for India.

The picture of Shoaib Akhtar sitting next to the speedometer on the day he bowled the fastest bowl ever in the game of cricket is an iconic picture and mocking Bhuvi’s pace, Dennis Freedman replaced Akhtar’s face with his face and changed the number on the board to 121.0.

He captioned the picture: “On this day a few years ago, Buvi bowled his fastest ever delivery.”

However, the Indian cricket fans gave it back to him for his disrespectful tweet. Here’s how they reacted:

OUR VIEW: Dennis Freedman is known for his controversial tweets against Indian cricketers but the way he mocked Bhuvneshwar Kumar in this tweet is very disrespectful and in bad waste. We suggest that he should come up with better ways to impress his fans and followers in Pakistan. Insulting Indian cricketers is a very cheap way of impressing Pakistan cricket fans.