Fans Are Slamming KL Rahul For His Disappointing Performance

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After being dominated by the Joe Root-led side for the first two days, the Indian side finally had a better session on the morning of Day 3. However, as the session came to a close it was the Indian side again with smiles. However, the first session came to a close it was Joe Root’s side again with the smiles as they gave a huge blow to the Indian side by dismissing the Indian opener, KL Rahul.

Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul kickstarted the second innings for the Indian side very cautiously, however, the last delivery before Lunch brought Rahul’s knock to an end.

Overton bowled a wonderful delivery and just at the stroke of Lunch, KL Rahul’s innings were cut short. It was a big wicket for the England side as they will head back from Lunch as the heapier side. Overton served a length-delivery, around off pole and KL Rahul was forced to play at this because of the angle.

However, the ball nipped away and went straight into the hands of Jonny Bairstow, who was standing at the second slip. It was an amazing effort from Jonny Bairstow, who took an amazing catch to dismiss KL Rahul.

Earlier, on the fourth ball of the 9th over off Ollie Robinson’s delivery. Robinson hurled across a length delivery around the off pole, that went onto ping KL Rahul’s pad. The England cricket team appealed for the wicket and the finger went up this time against KL Rahul.

Meanwhile, fans on social media started trolling KL Rahul for throwing away his wicket after getting set on-field. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this: