Here’s Why KL Rahul Deserves Our Love And Respect

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​A lot has been already saying about India’s rising sensation KL Rahul who has been in been phenomenal form for the last few years and watching him bat feels like grace on wheels.

KL Rahul is not someone the bowlers are usually scared of. He is not someone who would tear open a rift in space and time to make the world take notice. He is someone who keeps on delivering the goods silently and yet very efficiently.

Here’s Why KL Rahul Deserves Our Love And Respect

KL Rahul is one of those unsung heroes who minds his own business and whenever his team needs him to fire at the top, he never misses out on a single opportunity to make it count.

However, he is still to be certain about his batting position on the Indian side. This comes from the enormous versatility that he is gifted with. Given India’s recent doldrums in the shorter formats of the game, where their middle-order has struggled quite a bit in recent times. However, in the recent tours where Shubman Gill was injured, he was compelled to take the opening spot.

Did KL Rahul do badly at it? Absolutely not. He was in fine touch and was picking the bowlers at will. He was stitching together very neatly carved strokes and seemed pretty aggressive. However, somewhere it felt that he was not connecting as well as he should have when it came to the bonds between him and his other teammates.

Here’s Why KL Rahul Deserves Our Love And Respect

I won’t really say that it was the actual case because at the end if the day, every batter has his individual style and KL Rahul somehow thrives without much chaos around him. But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t connect with the others in the camp. Even Paul Scholes was known for his reticence off the pitch but whenever he took the field, he was hammering one banger after the other.

Similarly, KL Rahul has his own style and that is what makes him very special in the Indian echelons. He is versatile, has a bloated arsenal and definitely brings all the right sounds and fury to the game in the most resonating sounds.

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