Here’s Why Rohit Sharma Didn’t Travel With Team India And Returned Back To Mumbai

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The much-awaited bilateral series between the arch-rivals India and Australia is just around the corner, however, despite that there are still question marks on the availability of several cricketers including Rohit Sharma, Ishant Sharma and many more.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma, who suffered a hamstring injury during IPL 2020, has found himself at the receiving end of criticism after he decided not to go to Australia with the team and returned back to Mumbai with his Mumbai Indians camp after the conclusion of IPL 2020.

As per the reports making rounds in the media, seems like Rohit Sharma is unlikely to recover anytime soon and has returned back to Mumbai. While some reports state that Rohit Sharma should have traveled with the team to Australia, on the other hand, there are many who feels he should have completed his recovery session at the NCA in order to recover from the injury first. The same has invited criticism for him.

Recently, talking to Sports Today, cricket Journalist Boria Majumdar revealed the reason behind Rohit’s return to India. Borai revealed that the reason is not all related to injury or commitment or issues with anyone in the team but infact it’s personal. Yes, Boria revealed that Rohit Sharma’s father is suffering from COVID-19 and this is what made Rohit returned back to the country. He revealed:

“The reason Rohit didn’t travel with the team [to Australia], came back to Mumbai with Mumbai Indians is because his father had COVID. That is the reality,” 

He added:

“After that, if he didn’t want to play red-ball series, there was no reason for him to travel to the NCA. He could have easily stayed back with Ritika (wife) and family. So there is absolutely no reason to say that Rohit didn’t want to play the red-ball series,”

Meanwhile, as per some reports, the BCCI has requested Cricket Australa to relax the quarantine rules for Rohit Sharma as well for Ishant Sharma, who is also at the NCA at present. For the unversed, as per the existing rules, anyone arriving in Australia needs to be in mandatory 14-day quarantine period.