Humour: Anil Kumble Called Virat Kohli And Spoke About Ravi Shastri’s Appointment

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Virat Kohli-Anil Kumble saga was the most talked about topic among cricket fans on social media. Kumble, who resigned after his differences with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, hasn’t spoken a word since his shared his resignation letter with fans and media on Twitter.

Now, Ravi Shastri has been appointed as Team India’s new head coach and we all waiting to hear Kumble’s reaction. Earlier, Kumble had replaced Shastri, who was the Team Director, to take over the proceedings of Indian cricket as head coach. And now, Shastri is back and in an even bigger avatar.

The Cricket Lounge’s Rohit Nair has scripted an imaginary conversation between Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble.

NOTE: It is an imaginary (fake) conversation and shouldn’t be taken seriously! 

Virat: Hello.

Kumble: Hi Virat!

Virat: Oh! It’s you. What do you want?

Kumble: Yep. Congrats on getting your way. Pretty sure Shastri will do a good job.

Virat: Damn right he will.

Kumble: Not as a coach though.

Virat: What do you mean?

Kumble: I’m pretty sure you guys can handle yourselves. Someone is needed to hold your bags or cheer you on from the side, eh?

Virat: Get lost. There’s no way I’ll let you disrespect our new coach like that.

Kumble: Disrespect? Bro, if there’s anyone who should feel disrespected, it should be me. What’s the problem? You don’t like my “method” of speaking?

Virat: Listen, Jumbo. We had a professional fall out. I’m sure this is a flash in the pan.

*Ravi Shastri from the background*: Flashed and flashed hard.

Humour: Anil Kumble Called Virat Kohli And Spoke About Ravi Shastri’s Appointment

Kumble: LOL! Virat, looks like you’ve already started speaking in clichés. Baap numbri tho beta dus numbri.

Virat: Whatever man, I’m looking forward to working with an Indian legend.

Kumble: I’m pretty sure Dravid and Zaheer would agree to that statement.

Kumble: I’m pretty sure it was a close battle between Sehwag, Moody and Pybus for the post. But in the end, Shastri was the winner.

Virat: Alright, gotta go practice. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

Kumble: You too, Virat. Looking forward to lesser tracer bullets. With Shastri out of the box, cricket is the real winner.