IPL 2022: An Open Letter To Virat Kohli

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Dear Virat Kohli,

Even the most ardent fan of yours wouldn’t dare to probably scream out loud that this too shall pass. Honestly, even for me, who has admired you ever since you instilled aggression in an Indian side that was finding it hard to do it overseas, it is now somewhat difficult to say that this too shall pass.

Maybe this will never pass. Maybe you will not get the 71st. Maybe you will not be able to return to the same intimidating Virat Kohli that you were. Maybe none of this would happen but you know what Virat, a fan still chooses to believe. Of course, you are one of the finest batters that the world has ever produced.

There will be no denying the fact that you have redefined India’s batting caliber and proved to be a rock in the heart of the Indian batting unit, irrespective of the glaring boogeymen trying to scare India out of contentions.

But then again when bad times come, even the best crumble. Even the best fail. And the worst part it seems endless. But you know what, the best doesn’t stop practicing. The best doesn’t stop trying. The best doesn’t accept failure.

Somewhere, I believe that you have accepted your defeat. Honestly, barring the IPL, have you ever been a part of any domestic tournament? Have you ever thought of trying to compete in games where probably the competition would have been steep enough? People say that your century is just lurking around the corner. We do not need a century, Virat Kohli. We need you back in the form that you always were. That’s all for us.

You score a century or you don’t, it doesn’t bother. Being a fan of you these days hurts. Seeing you least bothered about what needs to be done in the middle hurts. Do you think giving out a smile after getting dismissed so cheaply is all that you can do? Virat, at times you need to understand that a trend is getting more and more eminent.

And if someone can put a stopper in your death, it is you. Even the great Sachin decided to occasionally fall back to his roots in domestic cricket and try out his fortunes. It was never being about a legend of the game but just to keep the competitive shape in him alive.

Earlier, when you used to come out to bat, it was the opposition who would have been scared. But now, it’s us, your fans who are scared because you simply throw your wicket away. Maybe this is going overboard for me but Virat, you have stopped being you.

Maybe I am wrong but is there an ego factor at play here? Why do you see so low on energy? Barely making aggressive expressions doesn’t make you the same Virat that you were. Despite knowing your rigorous attempts at trying to flick in the off-side have caused your downfall, why won’t you just put more perspective on it?

Maybe it’s easy for me to say these things but believe me, like the way playing cricket, has become difficult for you, similarly being a fan of you has been total heart-wrenching for me. How many more times do I need to see my hero fail? How many times do I need to see other fans taint you with blasphemy? Virat, I feel exhausted.

But I will cheer for you. Maybe, it won’t matter for you, but till the time cricket goes on for you, I will keep on screaming for you will always be my King. But even the Great Alexander was not always correct. Maybe you should also know that cricket is a religion here and you are a God. A God may falter but when he doesn’t show that intent of even rectifying things, that is when the belief starts fading. I will wait for you to be fearless again. Laut aao, Virat.

Yours sincerely,

A crazy cricket fan.