6 Little-Known Interesting Nuggets About Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar and Records are now nothing but synonyms. Millions of article have been written on his achievements on the cricket field, and were not sure which facts to present here. We were sure if it is about runs and centuries, averages and boundaries, cricketing spirit and awards, the outcome would be obvious and expected. Therefore, we at The Cricket Lounge did some research and managed to dig out 6 little-known facts about the maestro. Although, it’s very difficult find something about Sachin Tendulkar that hasn’t been written before, we have tried to find 6 little-know interesting nuggets that you might not have heard or read before.


Here are 6 little-known, interesting nuggets about the little master: 

Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds once autographed a T-shirt especially for Sachin. It read: “To Sachin, the man we all want to be.”


Sachin Tendulkar batted in his debut Test against Pakistan wearing the pads gifted to him by Sunil Gavaskar


Sachin Tendulkar calls Sourav Ganguly ‘Babu Moshai’ while Ganguly calls him ‘Chota Babu’


Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pakistan as a substitute during a one-day practice match against India at the Brabourne Stadium in 1988.


Sachin Tendulkar was the first international batsman to be given out by a third-umpire.


In his debut Test match, English fast bowler Alan Mullally complained that Sachin Tendulkar was batting with a bat broader than the normal willow.



by The Cricket Lounge

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