Sunil Gavaskar Made A Big Statement About Team India’s Flop Show In World Cup

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Sunil Gavaskar Made A Big Statement About Team India’s Flop Show In World Cup: The Indian cricket team’s journey in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2021 came to an end on a heartbreaking note. Team India was knocked out of the race for the semi-final of T20 World Cup 2021, after Afghanistan lost the match to New Zealand. Well, India’s chances to qualify for the tournament was depended on Afghanistan vs New Zealand, which eventually didn’t go down well in their fever.

Meanwhile, former Sunil Gavaskar is also not happy at all with India’s poor run in the T20 World Cup. He has listed out a couple of reasons which he feels led to team India’s lacklustre performance at the high-voltage tournament.

Sunil Gavaskar Made A Big Statement About Team India’s Flop Show In World Cup

The first reasons which Sunil Gavaskar feels was the approach of their batsmen inside the Powerplay. He believes that there has been an issue not only in this tournament, but lingered on since the previous few ICC events. He said:

“Making too many changes in a team isn’t right, because it’s not like India lost all its matches. In two matches, the batters could not deliver what was expected of them and that is the reason that India is in such a state right now. The approach needs to change,” 

The fact that in the first 6 overs, there are only 2 fielders outside the 30-yard-circle, India haven’t taken advantage of it for the last few ICC tournaments. Which is why, whenever India are up against a strong team, one that has good bowlers… India cannot score. So that needs to change.”

Further, as per Sunil Gavaskar, the second reason that hampered India’s campaign in the World Cup was their fielding. Though, the current Indian team is probably the fittest team ever, but fielding is one area, as per Sunil Gavaskar, that India needs to get better at if they want to put up a better performance. He said:

The second and the most importantly, they should have players who are phenomenal in fielding. The way New Zealand fielding, saved runs, took catches… it stood out. Even if the attack is ordinary, the pitch is placid, good fielding can make a lot of difference. If you look at Indian team, except 3-4 outstanding fielders, you can’t depend on the rest to save runs or dive at the boundary,”