Sunil Gavaskar Reveals The ‘Real’ Reason Behind Anil Kumble’s Resignation

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Former Indian captain and well-known cricket commentator Sunil Gavaskar asked for more clarity on allegations on former Indian coach Anil Kumble. Taking a dig at Virat Kohli and other Indian cricketers who complained against Kumble to Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), Gavaskar, while speaking to NDTV said that Kumble’s resignation would benefit the next coach, who would know what he could or couldn’t do.

Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at Indian cricketers and in a very sarcastic way, explained the reason(s) why Anil Kumble was forced to offer his resignation.

“Let’s wait and see what they found wrong in Anil Kumble. We need to also find out whether they found it overbearing and what exactly is overbearing. Let’s get a clarification also,” Sunil Gavaskar said. 

“All that I am saying because of the next coach. So the next coach knows exactly where he stands. ‘If I do this, is this going to be overbearing. If I tell you to report to practice at 9.30, is it going to be overbearing. If I say to you that I want some extra nets from you, I want you to catch 50 more catches or if I want you to bowl 20 more deliveries in the nets, is it overbearing’. For the next coach’s sake it is important that these things are clarified,” he added.

Sunil Gavaskar Reveals The ‘Real’ Reason Behind Anil Kumble’s Resignation

When asked about who is the boss? This is what Sunil Gavaskar said: 

“On the field the captain is the boss, off the field it’s the coach or the manager. The coach and the manager is responsible for preparing the players.

Sunil Gavaskar also gave some advice to Indian captain Virat Kohli. 

“My advice to Virat would be to make a statement and make things clear. Kumble also needs to clarify who in the BCCI informed him about Virat’s unhappiness about him. A statement from Kohli will help clear the air, saying this is what I feel and my issue with Kumble.”