VIDEO: This Is Why Virat Kohli Must Follow ‘Dhoni Review System’

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DRS stands for Decision Review System, but fans in India like to call it ‘Dhoni Review System’ because MS Dhoni is mostly spot on with his calls. Over the years, we have seen Dhoni keep an eagle eye on the game from behind the stumps and use DRS very wisely.

Even after stepping down from captaincy, he is the one who makes most of the calls related to DRS. Indian captain Virat Kohli trusts his view and, mostly, goes with what the wicketkeeper says.

However, it wasn’t the case in the fifth and final match of the ongoings series ODI between India and Australia. Kuldeep Yadav bowled a flighted delivery and beat Travis Head, who attempted to play a sweep shot. The ball went straight into the hands of MS Dhoni and he made a loud appeal along with Virat Kohli who was standing at first slip.

When the umpire gave it not out, Dhoni didn’t look too convinced but Kohli was confident that he heard something and asked for DRS straightaway. After taking the review, he looked at Dhoni and didn’t get a convincing reaction. Dhoni’s appeal was loud but he wasn’t willing to for a review. He was confused about bat hitting the pad or turf.

The decision was finally referred to the third umpire.

The replay showed that there was nothing on the bat and once again, Dhoni’s call was spot on. DRS is now a very important of the game as it helps teams to get rid of howlers and turn wrong decisions right. But, most of the teams haven’t been able to use it properly because everything happens to quickly in the middle and there is very less to react.

However, India have been lucky to have Dhoni behind the stumps who is one of the best readers of the game and makes his moves very wisely.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Virat Kohli must use ‘Dhoni Review System’ wisely. 

VIDEO: This Is Why Virat Kohli Must Follow Dhoni Review System