VIDEO: Top 5 ‘Bad Boys’ Of Cricket

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The game of cricket is known as a “gentleman’s” game but there are players who believe in playing the game differently and they bring a lot of aggression, drama, thrill and action to the game. We have always had such characters in the game, but the number has increases off-late. The modern day cricket is arguably more aggressive (in terms of sledging and banter and the number of domestic T20 leagues across the world, have a lot to do with it.

In the video shared below, utube songs have picked top 5 bad boys of cricket, who play the game with a lot of aggression and sometimes anger, too.

VIDEO: Top 5 Bad Boys Of World Cricket

1) Kieron Pollard: The big West Indian all-rounder is never far away from a controversy. From throwing his bat at Mitchell Starc to taping his mouth to protest against the umpire, Kieron Pollard knows how to stay in the limelight.

2) Virat Kohli: India’s young dynamic Test captain, Virat Kohli, is always up for a challenge. Kohli plays his cricket with a very aggressive mindset and he never backs off from a controversy. It would be fair to say that Kohli backs his aggression with his bat. In fact, many believe that aggression on the field, brings out the best in Virat Kohli.

3) Javed Miandad: Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad is one of the most entertaining characters in cricket history. Javed’s long career for Pakistan was full of on-field controversies, which include imitating phis opponents and threatening to hit them with his bat.

4) Andrew Symonds: The big Australian all-rounder had a fair share of controversies in his career. Who can forget the way he brought down a streaker who was trying to interrupt a match between India and Australia.

5) S Sreesanth: Last but not the least, India’s fast bowler S Sreesanth, who has been banned for alleged involvement in fixing in the IPL, is one of the most entertaining cricketers to have ever played for India. From dancing after hitting a six to beating the turf after taking a wicket, S Sreesanth has done it all.