Virat Kohli Finally Speaks Up On Farokh Engineer-Anushka Sharma Issue

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Farookh Engineer, the former Indian had triggered a storm across the cricketing circle last month with his comments for India’s national selectors, that he sensationalized by using Anushka Sharma’s name. Farookh Engineer had raised a number of eyebrows with his comments as he slammed the selection panel.

Farookh Engineer had said that the selectors were serving tea to Anushka Sharma, wife of Indian skipper, during one of the World Cup games. He had said:

We have got a Mickey Mouse selection committee. Virat Kohli has a major impact (in the process) which is very good. But how are the selectors qualified? Between them, have they played about 10-12 Test matches,”

He added:

“I didn’t even know one of the selectors during the World Cup and I asked him who the hell he was, because he was wearing the India blazer and he said he was one of the selectors. All they were doing was getting Anushka Sharma (Kohli’s wife) cups of tea,”

Unsurprisingly, Farokh Engineer’s comment had drawn widespread criticism. Anushka Sharma had also taken to her social media and slammed Farookh Engineer for his comments with a long post leading to Farookh Engineer apologizing from her. But, amidst all this Virat Kohli remained silent.

Well, the Indian skipper has finally opened up about the controversial statements from Farookh Engineer. He cleared that Anushka was nowhere near the selectors during the World Cup. He also said as Anushka Sharma is successful at a very high level, her name gets noticed easily, thus, people use it to sensationalize their statements. He said:

“She came for one World Cup game against Sri Lanka and the family box and the selector box was different, and there was no selector in that box. She came with two friends. As I said, she is known, she’s been successful at a very high level so when people take her name, it gets noticed,”

He added:

“You want to mention something about the selectors do that, but why join her name with it. When the lies are spoken so much all around, they start becoming truths. So you need to speak up at some stage and that’s exactly what happened recently.”

There’s no denying the fact that Anushka Sharma has always been on the target of the trollers and criticizers. Talking about how people make sensationalize stories by taking her name, he said:

“So much has been said about her and so much comes out about her. The value system that she has and her beliefs and the nature she has, it won’t allow her to go against rules and protocols. So I don’t know why people have wanted to sensationalise stories by taking her name because she’s a soft target. We both had been ignoring it for a while,”