Virat Kohli is the best batsman in world cricket: Mohammad Amir

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Mohammad Amir, who made a cracking comeback to international cricket against India in Asia Cup 2016, has said that India’s ace batsman Virat Kohli the best batsman in  world cricket.

While speaking to Times of India, Amir said, “Kohli certainly is the best (batsman) in the world, and is having a great run at the moment.”

Amir spoke about his breathtaking encounter against Kohli in Asia Cup and said he enjoyed the battle in the middle and that innings was a “hallmark” innings by Kohli.

“The Asia Cup encounter is a case in point. The wicket wasn’t the easiest to bat on, and India were in a spot of bother when Kohli walked in. He was able to negotiate those tough times and come out unscathed. That’s the hallmark of big players like Kohli. They dig in deep, weather out those rough passages of play and ensure they take their side home,” added Amir.