When Rohit Sharma Revealed He Was Scared Of Yuvraj Singh

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Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh will be regarded as two of the finest limited-overs players India has ever produced when the history of Indian cricket is written. Some may even include the two of them on their all-time India ODI team.

In white-ball cricket, the pair has won several matches for India throughout the years. For a long period, they shared a changing room with the Men in Blue. On the other hand, when Rohit was called up to the Indian squad, Yuvraj was one of the most experienced players and they formed a close friendship.

When Rohit Sharma Revealed He Was Scared Of Yuvraj Singh

Even still, previously Rohit said that he was afraid of Yuvraj when he first entered the Indian dressing room. According to Rohit, the changing room was reminiscent of a school.

What did Rohit Sharma say about Yuvraj Singh?

The following was expressed by Rohit in an Instagram conversation with Suresh Raina last year: “I joined the squad at a time when there were a lot of serious individuals in the team. There was a school-like atmosphere in the squad — we weren’t allowed to chat too much and we weren’t allowed to do this or that.”

He went on to say, “In addition, “Yuvi pa was a terrifying figure for me. Yuvi pa would gaze at us if we made even the slightest noise here or there… ‘Who’s the one who’s speaking?’”

It was Yuvraj’s demeanour that made young people feel at ease around him. According to Rohit, over time, Yuvraj became the most supporting person in his life.

“He was always encouraging and helpful. I wasn’t very close to him for the first two years, but after that, I saw that his temperament, his personality, and his outlook on life were distinct.

When Rohit Sharma Revealed He Was Scared Of Yuvraj Singh

Consequently, when newcomers joined the team, they felt instantly at ease knowing that they were in the company of someone of that calibre. If a man that you’ve been keeping an eye on for years comes to assist you, the effect is different,” Rohit said further.

Rohit and Yuvraj Singh shared a dressing room during the 2019 Indian Premier League when Yuvraj played in the Mumbai Indians under Rohit’s leadership (MI). Together, they won the 2007 T20 World Cup for India and the 2019 Indian Premier League (IPL) Championship with Mumbai Indians.

Rohit Sharma is ruled out of the upcoming Test series against South Africa

As a result of an injury he sustained during a practice session in Mumbai before the commencement of the three-Test series against South Africa, Rohit Sharma will miss the whole series. On December 12, the team’s 18 members arrived in Mumbai, while the team is scheduled to depart for South Africa on December 16.

When Rohit Sharma Revealed He Was Scared Of Yuvraj Singh

With Rohit out, India would be without their best run-scorer of the year (906 in 21 innings at 47.68) for the most important series in a place where no Indian side has ever won a series in Test history. A stand-in vice-captain is expected to be named by the BCCI, given Rohit had just recently taken over the post from Ajinkya Rahane.

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