Yuvraj Singh shares a secret about Virat Kohli that very few people know

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Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli are very good friends, on and off the field. When these two are together, they always carry a big smile on their faces. Known for their pranks in the dressing room, both, Kohli and Yuvraj, keep their teammates entertained.

In a very candid interview to Radio Mirchi, Yuvraj Singh spilled the beans on Indian cricket team’s outings and it is then that he named Virat Kohli as ‘sabse bara kanjoos‘ (biggest miser) amongst the Men in Blue.

“I don’t how to explain. It’s like this is yours and this is mine, you will pay for this one and I will pay for that one. You know, in our Punjabi culture, we don’t have that, if we are going out, then one person pays but some people are different and currently, Virat Kohli is the biggest miser. So, every time we go out, it’s me always paying and I have to force him to give the money,” he added.

Virat Kohli is the highest paid cricketer in the world and his annual income is more than the entire Pakistan cricket team. Yuvraj spoke candidly about many other things in this interview. Watch tit here: