R Ashwin Shared How Chennai Is Still Alien With The Concept Of ‘Social Distancing’

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The whole world is taking precautionary measures to prevent themselves from the Coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the whole world. From washing hands again and again to avoiding crowded places and are maintaining social distancing, a lot of health guidelines have been issued by the World Health Organization, which are being followed by the people worldwide.

Recently, R Ashwin,  Team India Test spinner took to his Twitter where he wrote how despite the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing hasn’t caught the attention of people of Chennai yet.
In his latest Tweet, R.Ashwin revealed how people of Chennai are either having a belief that the pandemic will subside once summer season starts or they are just not taking the pandemic issue seriously. Taking to his Twitter, R.Ashwin wrote:
Let me rephrase it, social distancing doesn’t seem to have caught the attention of the people in Chennai yet. The only reason could be their belief in the summer to curtail it or just faith that nothing will happen. #Coronaindia”
Here, check out the Tweet of R.Ashwin:

Recently, R Ashwin along with his Indian teammate, Rohit Sharma came up with an interesting and innovative technique to spread awareness about the growing Coronavirus pandemic. R Ashwin took to his Twitter and shared a picture of himself with Rohit Sharma, where Ashwin can be seen ignoring a handshake with Rohit Sharma. Sharing the picture on his Instagram account, R Ashwin wrote:
‘Better To Stay Safe’
He concluded by complementing himself, he wrote: “please don’t shake hands because Coronavirus spread faster. Well done @rashwin”
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R Ashwin Shared How Chennai Is Still Alien With The Concept Of ‘Social Distancing’