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VIDEO: Sapna Gill Taken To Andheri Court In Prithvi Shaw Controversy

The controversy between Prithvi Shaw and Sapna Gill seems to have taken a pace as the latter was taken to Andheri court by the Oshiwara Police on Friday afternoon in the case of the FIR that is registered against her and some of her friends by Shaw and his friend Ashish Yadav.

Videos of Sapna Gill, a Bhojpuri film actress and an Instagram model, being taken from the Oshiwara Police station to the Andheri court circulated on social media on Friday. There is no known information about where Shaw is currently and whether he will also appear in court or not yet.

“Social media influencer #SapnaGill, arrested for assaulting and quarreling with Indian Cricketer #PrithviShaw, will be produced in Andheri court in some time,” tweeted ABPnews journalist Suraj Ojha with the video of Sapna being escorted by the police to the court.

Watch: Sapna Gill taken to high court in Prithvi Shaw controversy:

Another journalist, Vivek Gupta of newsIndia18, revealed a video of Sapna Gill entering the Andheri court.

Who Is Sapna Gill?

Gill is a Bhojpuri film actress who has starred in two prominent movies: Mera Watan (2021), Kaashi Amarnath (2017), along with a couple of famous music videos: Jatti Naal Hougi (2022) and Basera (2020).

Sapna Gill. Image-Instagram
Sapna Gill. Image-Instagram

She has a sizeable Instagram following: Gill has over 218,000 followers on Instagram and has posted 1,471 posts so far.

What is the matter with Prithvi Shaw and Gill?

The Oshiwara Police has registered a case against 8 persons, including Gill, over an alleged attack on the car of a friend of Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw after Shaw refused to take a selfie for the second time with two people when Shaw was out for dinner with his friends.

Shaw and his friend accused Sapna and her friends of attacking their car with a baseball bat.

However, later on, Sapna’s lawyer, Ali Kashif Khan, alleged that it was Shaw and his friend who assaulted Sapna with the baseball bat.

“Sapna was assaulted by Prithvi. A stick was seen in Prithvi’s hand. Prithvi’s friends assaulted the group first. Sapna is currently at Oshiwara police station. The police are not allowing her to go for medical,” Sapna’s lawyer said on Thursday evening.

Shaw’s India career, which already was on hold, could take a dent if this thing drags on for months. His next big assignment is the IPL 2023 for Delhi Capitals.