Virat Kohli’s coach Rajkumar Sharma slams James Anderson for his lose remarks

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James Anderson’s statement about Virat Kohli’s technique has been the biggest talking point in the last couple of days. James Anderson said that nothing has changed in Virat Kohli’s technique and he would struggle against swing bowling outside India. In India’s last tour of England, James Anderson did get better off Kohli. Virat struggled against Anderson’s swing and showed lose technique outside the off-stump. But, it was long ago, and Virat Kohli has worked really hard on his game in the all these years. He has matured as a batsman and averages above 50 in Test cricket.

Virat Kohli did reply to Anderson’s statement after the fourth Test but now, his coach Rajkumar Sharma has something to say to England’s ace fast bowler. Rajkumar said that Kohli has five Test hundreds in Australia, and those pitches are down under are very much suitable for fast bowling.

“Just wanted to remind Anderson that Virat has five Test hundreds in Australia which produces the fastest pitches,” Rajkumar Sharma told in an interview. 

Rajkumar also took a dig at Anderson and reminded him of his poor form in the ongoing series.

“This is a childish statement from Anderson. What has he done in the matches that he has played? He is also not getting wickets in India. He may be a good pacer but he has to also take wickets in India. Taking wickets in England can’t be a parameter to term someone great,” Rajkumar Sharma told.